The Alchemy of Healing

Cord Cutting/Moving On

We all have energetic cords connecting us to most aspects of our lives. Cords connecting us to our dreams as well as our past. Cords connecting us to our friends as well as lovers. Cords that act as informational bridges and transmit energy back and forth feeding or in some cases draining us. Cords can be healthy yet it is when cords of love turn into cords of fear. In our fragmented world it is quite easy for cords of connection to turn into cobwebs of stagnation. Cord cutting is most often requested when a relationship we have been in has ended and we are simply still feeling it tugging at us, or recognize the other person as still present in our world even though we have moved on or they have moved on. When we remain corded to a person we may have broken up with or transformed a relationship with it causes a feeling of drag or resistance in getting beyond the relationship. Remaining corded just makes a difficult time more difficult or potentially weighs a new and exciting change in our life with guilt and feelings of still remaining connected after all other endings in the relationship have already happened.

Most people perform Cord Cuttings when they still feel connected to a person, place, situation or past relationship even though that person may have left your life or whatever it is in your past just seems to still be in the present regardless of your intent to move on. Cord Cuttings can be done by yourself & with your spirit guides yet it is a powerful and good thing to do with a practitioner or someone who knows how to facilitate the ceremony. As with many things, it is good to have a person hold space and be there person who is trained and can guide the work.

The preparation for cord cutting is typically being aware of who or what you would like to move on from or cut cords with. It is good to meditate on what is your intent with the cord cutting? What did I learn from this person or event I am cutting cords with? How was I able to grow as a person with them? What am I grateful for? Cord cutting is most effective when done with gratitude for whomever you are cutting cords with. If there is alot of emotion, anger, hurt etc. present this is best to do with a practitioner who can assist you in navigating your emotions while getting the cords cut.

Cord Cutting sessions typically take an hour to an hour and a half. This allows for calling in of the spirits, a brief chat or intake about what has been going on, what your intent for the work and result of the work is and then the work itself. A full hour and a half session length also typically accomodates and any sort of Q & A follow up to the work.

To discuss whether Cord Cutting work may benefit you, please email me at phoenix@thealchemyofhealing.com or call (206)919-1640.

Deserve your dream. ~ Octavio Paz