The Alchemy of Healing

Preparation for Soul Retrieval - Bigger Picture

When you respond to the call from your soul to bring yourself into a greater sense of well being by scheduling a soul retrieval, a person often finds themselves in the midst of seeing and feeling the many amazing posssibilities they have always felt could be on their path. At the same time this same person can often still also feel what has brought them to this part of their life path. It may be a sense of something missing, a death of a loved one, a recognized pattern or set of beliefs that may have been formed through some not so fun to experience series of events. Perhaps a person is simply tired of feeling so crappy all or at least a portion of their time. Perhaps there is a catalyzing event that finds them steeped in anger or deep sadness. Betrayals, relationships that have ended or that you have a knowing need to end yet there is a feeling of helplessness to move on. Accidents, abuse of any kind, a feeling as though we are missing something. All of these are unfortunately aspects of our modern world. Often many find themselves feeling fragmented yet determined to be an agent of good despite what has occurred. There are many symptoms (or by products of soul loss) that can lead one to Soul Retrieval. The bigger picture in this all is that if you are seeking a deeper sense of wellness through soul work often what happens is that a detox of sorts begins as you go through the steps to receive this healing. What I mean by this detox is that what your soul desires to release, as well as call home, often will rise to the surface in some way prior to the Soul Retrieval ceremony. This can be in dreams. It may be a general feeling of either anxiety or elation or both. Life can feel strange and new all at the same time. The bigger picture here is also that with this detox is the strong possibility that what is coming up, in terms of what you no longer desire to experience, is what will be removed. And in in the case of dreams and lost soul parts reaching out to you, this is usually an omen or indicator of what will be brought home for you during the ceremony. Only what is for the good and what serves your highest soul's intent is brought back.

Preparation for Soul Retrieval - Questions To Journal

Here are some questions to journal out and meditate with to prepare for your Soul Retrieval:

- What is your intent for this soul retrieval?
- What would you like to 'get back', release, change or feel renewal in?
- What are your life passions and is there any area of those passions that are not currently being enjoyed? If so, what do you feel holds you back?
- What are the ages and events where you feel soul loss may have happened...i.e. specific trauma or upsetting events...times in your life when you felt a dark night of the soul or maybe simply a dim one.
- Accidents
- Abuse (physical, emotional, sexual)
- Addictions
- Love/ Relationships (Major relationships and is there anything to be cleaned up there?)
- Family (What was your childhood like? Are there any events that are asking to be worked with?)
- Ancestral line - What is present in your ancestral line? Is there something asking to be shed and something asking to be brought forward?
- Do you have any Reoccurring dreams?

Preparation for Soul Retrieval - Material time duration of Ceremony

The Soul Retrieval ceremony requires up to 4 hours of time to be reserved. It is also advised that you leave your schedule immediately after the ceremony open for integration and /or processing of the work that has just occurred.

Preparation for Soul Retrieval - Things may come up prior to the work - This is what is being healed

As we touched upon in the paragraphs above, Soul Retrieval is a healing for the soul. Things may and most likely come up in the time prior to the ceremony. These may be old patterns or memories or a feeling of anxiety or extreme elation. It is different for everyone yet just know that stuff is being stirred up as it will be worked on in the healing.

For example, many people say they feel 'anxious and/or nervous' a day or two before and some report feeling totally blissed out. Some feel both and many other points on the spectrum of healing and feelings. Please know that is normal. It is advised when bringing your awareness to what is coming up for you from now until the ceremony to realize that more than likley stuff will come up. The good news is that it is coming up for healing. Simply pay attention yet do not believe it is real. For example, if you begin experiencing bouts of feeling lost and afraid of people just like you did when you were a child, it may be that those emotional patterns and memories will be part of what receives healing in your Soul Retrieval. Once the appointment is scheduled, you can also feel free to let me know if you have any questions that come up or would like additional support around what may be coming up prior to your Soul Retrieval ceremony.

Preparation for Soul Retrieval - Scheduling a Soul Retrieval

The Soul Retrieval ceremony requires up to 4 hours of time to be reserved. It is also advised that you leave your schedule immediately after the ceremony open for integration and /or processing of the work that has just occurred.

If you are interested in scheduling a Soul Retrieval session or would like to learn more about if this type of work is right for you at this time, please call 206 919-1640, or email phoenix@thealchemyofhealing.com.

A Soul Retrieval preparation session via phone is recommended and at least one follow-up Soul Retrieval Integration session 4-6 weeks afterward. For more information on Soul Retrieval Integration Work please click here.

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