The Alchemy of Healing

Soul Retrieval - Healing on the Path to Wholeness

When traumatic events happen pieces of our selves leave. This is survival as often the events are so traumatic that the only way to survive an event is for a soul part or number of soul parts to leave. Occasionally, we give pieces of ourselves away as many of us are taught that we need to do this in order to be loved or worthy. Sometimes we find ourselves involved in relationship and our partner likes what they see so much in us that they keep a piece of us for themselves. Of course they cannot use our soul part nor can we use theirs. Culturally we are found to be sets of people who are seeking parts from each other and this 'sense of wholeness' from people who often are also looking elsewhere. Visually we could appear to be like two dogs chasing each others tails in an illusion of completion.

The only way to true feelings of wholeness and completion within ourselves is to locate and reintegrate these lost parts of ourselves and welcome them home where they can best be used, honored and adored for what they are – pieces of our living dreams.

When a piece of us has left we feel it and yearn for this piece of us. We seek it externally and often attempt to ful-"fill" this aching vacancy from where our soul part used to be by looking outside of us. This can cause even more soul loss as this type of searching outside of ourselves for what we have lost along the way is often a path laid in emptiness, drama, self abuse, self neglect, external abuse and illusion.

A Soul Retrieval is a ceremony where a person enlists the services of a shamanic practitioner to journey into non ordinary reality and recover the missing soul parts that are ready to return.

Symptoms of Soul Loss

· Depression
· Feelings of disconnection
· A feeling of being powerless over moving on from a relationship or event
· Obsession
· Addiction
· Suicidal thoughts and/or actions
· The loss of the desire to be in the world
· A feeling of being dead
· Emotional pain that will not dissipate
· Disconnection form our truest life path
· Disconnection from our ability to feel and/our express our emotions
· Feelings of Anxiety or Apathy
· Panic attacks
· Feelings of unsafety
· Being afraid to socialize and/or go out into the world
· Blocks in creativity
· A feeling that we are not living the life we are intended to live
· Frustration with life and its circumstances
· An inability or difficulty in celebrating life
· Unhealthy ancestral patterns such as abuse, rape, suicidal thoughts, mental illness
· A traumatic event such as an accident, death of a loved one and/or betrayal by someone who we trusted
· Uncontrollable anger
· The pervasive sense that we are missing something or that we are not here for a reason
· An inability to "get over" a relationship or put an event "behind us"

If you are interested in scheduling a Soul Retrieval session or would like to learn more about if this type of work is right for you at this time, please email phoenix@thealchemyofhealing.com.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. ~ Carl Gustav Jung